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Knowledge is Power

I have been a long time fan of Rodney Dickens.  He is the  only economic forecaster who seems to get it right most of the time.  His report today @  http://www.sra.co.nz/pdf/MangawhaiApr12.pdf is a fascinating read and shows the long term issues we are still in.  As a kiwi I love coastal property and was always waiting for it to come back to earth. It sounds like it still has a ways to go in lots of areas still. Which makes the whole property thing quite weird right now doesn’t it. We have many areas of Auckland doing sort of quite well, a couple of areas going off big time and other suburbs dead as a dodo.  And nationally it is even weirder. One of my agents told me this week he had investors fighting at auction over stock and another is ringing people out of the phone book to try and get them to list as he has buyers but no houses.  And he is in what I would term a true scungy investor market. If you are risk tolerant there is even room for some trading right now, not withstanding the legal issues around it, however you would want to be quick on your feet and happy to hold if you couldn’t sell. The banks relaxing more and more is an interesting upside allowing some investors back into the buy and hold space. I guess overall things are moving predictably, Auckland is the place to be investing, Christchurch if you are willing to put the work in to watch the demographic rebuild and keep the rest of the country on mild alert Anyway back to Rodney, if you appreciate good quality information and accurate forecasting on the property market subscribe or at least sign up for his free reports!! Stay Inspired and Stay Safe ~ Dean Letfus Your email: Continue reading

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