Hi there, my name is Dean Letfus and welcome to DeanLetfus.com.

I am recognized as an educator and speaker in many countries in the areas of property investment and personal development but I wanted to have a space that was just about me, rather than what I did specifically, hence deanletfus.com

In fact my name is quite a curse in some ways. There are very few Letfus’s in the world and I am the only Dean Letfus on the planet.

But over my life time I have been called LEftus, Righfus, Loftus, Lotus, Lettucs, Lettice, you name it!!

Leftus is the most common mistake and many of you probably haven’t even noticed why it is wrong. You see my name is Dean Letfus, NOT Dean LeFTus.

Because if I’d left you I wouldn’t be on this site now would I.

Anyway I hope you find some inspiration here. I am told every time people read my blog or hear me speak that their over riding feeling is that of being encouraged and inspired. And that totally rocks the world of Dean Letfus no matter how much you mis spell it.

We live in a world full of hopelessness, darkness and despair. I try in my own way to push that away and replace it with life, love and truth. That is the essence of DeanLetfus.com

You stay Inspired and Stay Safe and I look forward to connecting with you regularly through my little corner of the world.

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